[htdig] Re: url_part_aliases & cgi

Hans-Peter Nilsson (hans-peter.nilsson@axis.com)
Tue, 9 Mar 1999 03:31:39 +0100

> the one used for
> htdig has
> url_part_aliases: http://www.foo.com *foo
> and the one for htsearch has
> url_part_aliases:
> http://www.bar.com/cgi-bin/frameme.pl?http://www.foo.com *foo

(I assume you mean that to be on *one* line.)

> There must be something wrong with the way I'm doing this since it
> isn't working. Is it the particular "to" url that's not working or is
> it something else?

This should work. As far as url_part_aliases is concerned, this
is how you do it. But as you say, the problem may be with the
handling of the character '?' in the (to-) URL in the main parts
of ht://Dig.

If you have control over the "frameme.pl" script, the fastest
way to a working solution may be to turn the URL into
http://www.bar.com/cgi-bin/frameme.pl/http://www.foo.com and
read the query string via the PATH_... variables in the script.

But on the other hand, ht://Dig should not bother with the
characters in the URL once it is in the database, if all
attributes are set to allow it. So the real solution may be to
wait for a patch for ht://Dig ;-)

brgds, H-P
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