[htdig] urls like "datalist.html?data=10" are getting not indexed ?

Lars Krueger (krueger@jakota.de)
Tue, 9 Mar 1999 01:42:27 +0100

hi there,

could someone please point me to enable the indexing of dynamic links, like
the upper one ? htdig ignores everyting after the "?" and most of my pages
are dynam. generatedwith php.
I searched the list with a reference to a patch, but since I'm 'only' a
designer I don't understand too much of compiling things together.
thanks, lars.

  lars krueger
  JAKOTA design group fon 0381- 4997033
  gerberbruch 30 fax 0381- 4900054
  18055 rostock, germany home http://www.jakota.de

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