[htdig] prefix matching (was endings?)

Charlie Romero (charlie@jumpinternet.com)
Fri, 5 Mar 1999 12:22:49 +0000

I've looked through the archives as well as tried a few things but I still
can't get prefix matching to work on numbers as previously suggested. Here
is what I am trying to accomplish.

An "all" search for the words 911 turbo. Where 911s turbo is known to exist
in the database. I've tried a couple things with the prefix matching to try
and accomplish this.

BTW 1st. I tried endings and then was advised this wouldn't work on numbers.

2nd. I tried "prefix_matching: s sc gt s4 s2", etc. then I realized that
was the opposite of what I was trying to accomplish because in the example
the user never entered those characters.

now, I'm trying

..config file

allow_numbers: true
prefix_matching: (this is a blank character)
search_algorithm: exact:1 prefix:0.9 endings:0.5


Using the blank character to prefix match everything and that's not working
either. I don't like the idea of prefix matching everything anyway because
I don't want every body to suffer (slow) just because some people aren't
getting the best results. Any suggestions appreciated.


Charlie Romero
Director of Corporate Development
(703) 299-3585
                       J U M P I N T E R N E T



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