Re: [htdig] Is htdig4 really rewrite Java version of htdig3?

Andrew Scherpbier (
Fri, 05 Mar 1999 07:34:00 -0800

Tom Tanaka wrote:
> Hi, I just joined this mailing list, though I have known htdig for quite a
> while. I admire the works that you have done with the search engine.
> I saw the "To-Do list" and saw that htdig4 was going to be a complete
> rewrite of hidig3.
> But it doesn't seem to be a COMPLETE rewrite of htdig3. Simply there is no
> way to index nor search words in htdig4.

The only work I've done on ht://Dig 4 is some database schema tests. The task
of a complete rewrite is big and unfortunately I do not have any spare time to
spend on this project.

> Also I found out that it uses
> "Instant DB" for a database driver.
> Have you ever considered writing your own database driver written in Java?

I started that at one point but gave up after finding InstandDB... It is too
much work, considering there are already some good implementations out there.
InstantDB does well enough. It performs better than Cloudscape and seems to
have better support, runs faster, support more of the SQL92 standard and has a
*much* better licensing arrangement.

Andrew Scherpbier <>
Contigo Software <>
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