[htdig] "url_part_aliases" config

Hans-Peter Nilsson (hans-peter.nilsson@axis.com)
Fri, 5 Mar 1999 14:20:54 +0100

> "url_part_aliases" seemed to do what I wanted, unfortunately I got confused
> looking at the config example on this functions.

Unfortunately the "url_part_aliases" description was a little
confusing. It has been cleaned up in the development tree, I hope.

But for now:

> It did not work..... Does somebody has an advise? Please give examples!

If I understand right, you have a static setup (you do not plan
to move URLs or something) where you index URLs on one site and
there's a folder (or subdirectory or whatever you call it) where
you want all URLs to show up as on *another server* in the
search, but in the same corresponding folder.

Here, you would need *two* configuration files, where
url_part_aliases attribute differs. With one, you dig; with the
other, you search. (Hint: you can have a main file with all
the other attributes, and these two files just specify
url_part_aliases and include the main file).

In the "dig" config file, it would be:

url_part_aliases: http://www.geo.su.se/something *1

In the search config file, it would be:

url_part_aliases: http://www.natgeo.su.se/something *1

(Anybody with the interest is encouraged to review the
hopefully-improved description in CVS).

brgds, H-P
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