[htdig] Is htdig4 really rewrite Java version of htdig3?

Tom Tanaka (tomatell@xx.dnainc.co.jp)
Fri, 5 Mar 1999 15:42:19 +0900

Hi, I just joined this mailing list, though I have known htdig for quite a
while. I admire the works that you have done with the search engine.
I saw the "To-Do list" and saw that htdig4 was going to be a complete
rewrite of hidig3.
But it doesn't seem to be a COMPLETE rewrite of htdig3. Simply there is no
way to index nor search words in htdig4. Also I found out that it uses
"Instant DB" for a database driver.
Have you ever considered writing your own database driver written in Java?

Tom Tanaka
President/Technical Artist
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