[htdig] how to show results in same order as in raw database?

Matt Daly (matlanta@mindspring.com)
Fri, 5 Mar 1999 00:06:13 -0500

I'm testing ht://Dig and really impressed. It performs even better than
I'd hoped. I saved a 'no-brainer' application for the final phase, and
for the life of me, I can't solve this problem:

I have a subset of files which represent a 'reverse chronological archive' for
particular authors. The files are named accordingly, ie with the date
embedded in the filename. (I found this more useful than the filesys
'last modified' header because the files are frequently re-published
at later dates for minor corrections, thereby chaning the modified
date and throwing them out of chronological sequence.)

I've looked at the text version of the database, and it appears as
I'd expect:

6 [..] /19981112_xctme_its_paybac.shtml [..]
7 [..] /19981119_xctme_more_cops_.shtml [..]
8 [..] /19981203_xctme_government.shtml [..]
9 [..] /19981210_xctme_the_truth_.shtml [..]
10 [..] /19981217_xctme_terrorism_.shtml [..]

I have disabled all ranking factors in the config file:

keyword_factor: 0
text_factor: 0
title_factor: 0
heading_factor_1: 0
heading_factor_2: 0
heading_factor_3: 0
heading_factor_4: 0
heading_factor_5: 0
heading_factor_6: 0
date_factor: 0
description_factor: 0
meta_description_factor: 0
backlink_factor: 0

..but no matter what I do, I can't get the search results to present in
the same
order as they are in the database/filesys. I'm using test templates that
show equal rank for all results.

This was gonna be the no-brainer, but it's making me crazy. Any observations,
suggestions, egg-throwing would be appreciated.

I'm using ht://Dig 3.1.1, running on freeBSD 3.1.

Thanks in advance.

Matt Daly

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