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Gilles Detillieux (
Thu, 4 Mar 1999 11:58:18 -0600 (CST)

According to Hugh Blandford:
> I know this has come up a lot in the archives but I seem to have a
> situation that I can't work out. I would really appreciate it if someone
> outside could look and spot my obvious mistake. I have a website that I am
> indexing at . It has javascript all through it and I
> cannot change the way this site is done, because another site with several
> thousand pages has just been completed and is constructed the same way. I
> have currently used muffin to strip out the javascript first but I don't
> regard it as a very elegant solution.
> If you go to the search button and enter open as the search term, the
> results are fine because I have run it through Muffin. However, if I don't
> I get a result like the one below:
> Intelligent Network Solutions - Service Node
> .. [an_image].src = eval(an_image + "on.src"); else if (on_off == 'off')
> document [an_image].src=eval(an_image + "off.src"); } } Service Node The
> Open Telecommunications Service Node, Open SN, is a cost effective means of
> introducing IN services into non-IN networks. It has the features of a full
> IN ...
> 02/23/99, 12949 bytes
> The javascript that appears comes from the <head><script>...</script><head>
> section. I am uncertain why it is appearing at all. I am aware that I
> could use noindex_start/stop with <script and </script> however, that only
> finds 4 documents and doesn't seem to work with any of the links in the
> document. If anyone has two seconds to look at the site and tell me what
> I'm doing wrong, I would really appreciate it.

Well, first off, the current implementation of noindex_start/end is
case sensitive. (I hope this will change in the next release.)
The page at the URL above has the word SCRIPT in upper case, so if
you use lower case in the attribute, it won't recognise it.
Also, the documentation is wrong about the noindex_stop attribute.
It's noindex_end in the code. (The default values are also wrong
in the docs.) So, you should use

noindex_start: <SCRIPT
noindex_end: </SCRIPT>

and hope that all your documents are consistent in their use of upper
case for this keyword.

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