RE: [htdig] htsearch

Mulaosmanovic,Jasmina (
Thu, 4 Mar 1999 11:25:46 -0600

>On Thu, 4 Mar 1999, Mulaosmanovic,Jasmina wrote:
>> ~This is very bizarre. That filename for databases went out
>with version
>> ~3.1.0b1, and isn't in the config files any more. Do me a favor. Run
>> ~"strings" (if you have it) on the binary that's in your CGI
>> ~directory. Let
>> ~me know what version number is in there (hopefully 3.1.1 ;-)
>> version number in there (using strings) seems to be 3.1.0. hmm..
>> ~word_db
>> ~${database_base}.words.db
>> It's there. =)
>So you see why I'm confused! I also assume that the config file doesn't
>have the string "gdbm" anywhere in it. So the question
>comes--how did it
>decide it's looking for "gdbm" and not "db" right? :-)

I see your point. And no, the config file mentions nothing of 'gdbm' in it.

>Here's another thought. Take a look through the htsearch file
>again using
>'strings' and look for htdig.conf. Make sure the config file
>that compiled
>into the CGI is actually the one you're using. (I'm wondering if SuSE
>has ht://Dig packages and might have another, old, version of
>the config
>file somewhere...)

checked that too. everything seems to check out. hmm...

I had the same thought on an old package of ht://Dig as part of SuSE, but
there doesn't seem to be one.

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