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Mulaosmanovic,Jasmina (
Thu, 4 Mar 1999 08:49:04 -0600

~>I've figured out what my problem was earlier (Refresher: the
~error message
~>read: "Unable to read word database file
~>in the browser).
~>So here's the deal at this point, it all works just fine, I
~can run htdig
~>and htmerge without any problems (yay!), and I can run
~htsearch from the
~>command line, with sufficient input, and actually get HTML
~format results
~>back. This is in itself impressive. However, when I run the
~same script
~>from the browser, I get the error that I mentioned (see
~above). Anyone has
~>any ideas?
~>Configuration of my system: (in case it matters) htdig 3.1.1
~on a S.u.S.E
~>linux box. I haven't had a previous installation of htdig on
~this box, so
~>there aren't any old scripts running that I know of.
~OK, Let me get this straight. You compiled ht://Dig yourself, version
~3.1.1, which you got from You can call
~it from the
~command line and everything works nicely. But when you run it
~through the
~browser you get exactly that message, "gdbm" and all?

That is exactly right. I downloaded the .tar.gz within the last week.

~This is very bizarre. That filename for databases went out with version
~3.1.0b1, and isn't in the config files any more. Do me a favor. Run
~"strings" (if you have it) on the binary that's in your CGI
~directory. Let
~me know what version number is in there (hopefully 3.1.1 ;-)

version number in there (using strings) seems to be 3.1.0. hmm..

~and look for:

It's there. =)

~Also, I'm assuming you've checked the permissions on the file
~and all the
~directories for the databases? Are they all located in
~/opt/www/htdig/... ?

Yes. As far as I know there should be no permission problems, and all of
the files ended up in /opt/www/htdit/... (I left everything at a default,
so they ended up - hopefully - where they needed to go.)


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