Re: [htdig] endings & stars?

Gilles Detillieux (
Thu, 4 Mar 1999 09:25:02 -0600 (CST)

According to Geoff Hutchison:
> >1. In build 3.1.0b2 which is the current one I am using. Is the
> >use_star_image attribute working? I answer the attribut with "no" but the
> >stars still show up. I didn't see this as a bug and I can't figure out what
> >I am doing wrong.
> I *have* to remember to kill that attribute. It's left over from versions
> of ht://Dig that didn't let you customize the template. You're better off
> making a custom template and removing the $(STARS) variable.

Actually, it's $(STARSLEFT) or $(STARSRIGHT), depending on the alignment.

But why kill the attribute? If it's already defined and documented, the
hard part is done. Just add this code into Display::generateStars(), after
result is defined, but before anything is appended to it. That way,
you don't have to bother making a custom template just to supress the

    if (!config.Boolean("use_star_image", 1))
        return result;

I think that's all there is to it. This would set the variables above
to empty strings, which would achieve the same effect as removing them
from the template, with less effort.

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