[htdig] strange thing

Sergey Kachanovsky (ranger@tversu.ru)
Thu, 04 Mar 1999 11:37:13 +0300

Hello all,

While using htDig 3.1.1 I encounter some strange things. For some time
I used to start htdig with -i option to do complete re-indexing. In this
case all files in /db directory were about 80Mb, and that was great.
Today I tried to run an update dig (i.e. without -i option), and here's
what happened:
1) /db/* files take about 25Mb instead of former 80Mb
2) in htmerge statistics total word count strongly decreased (about 20
while number of documents and doc db size increased as they should.

So here's my question: isn't it strange? or it's okay?

with *.*,
Sergey Kachanovsky
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