[htdig] Won't index every 24 hours

Bob Nugent (gigs@ici.net)
Wed, 03 Mar 1999 22:27:20 -0500

My website's host runs Linux and Apache.
My host hooked up ht://Dig to a directory
on my web site to index a bunch of resumes.
It always worked good(automatically), and
without an index(URL) file of all the
resume files until my host applied the release
before 3.1.0, 3.1.0, and still after the
release after 3.1.0.

Now ht://Dig is back to sending me email like
it should, but my host can't get it to index
on it's own. The only info on the situation
that I believe to be true is below. My question
is: should this be at least possible with the
latest releases? Particularly since it used to
work good. TIA.


PS my files get indexed when my host reruns
or restarts ht://Dig.

"/" is my host's server's root.
"/clients/myusername/" is my website's root.

Involved directories and files of my site:

/clients/myusername/resumes/html/(resume files)
                            (initial search page)
                            (file with URLs for all
                             resume files starting
                             with http:www."mydomain")
                             I add new URLs daily and
                             ftp changed file to server.
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