Re: [htdig] passing $(WORDS)

Andrew Scherpbier (
Tue, 02 Mar 1999 23:47:58 -0800

Eric Luhrs wrote:
> I use htdig to search a FAQ database, and on each FAQ there is a link to a
> form for user comments. The form gets emailed to me with the user's full
> name, username, email address, subject, and comments. There is also a
> hidden field which uses PHP to tell me which FAQ the user was reading when
> they clicked on the "comments" link. I would like to pass $(WORDS) to
> this form as well. That way I can use the feedback to evaluate my
> keywords, etc. Cany anyone think of a way for me to pass $(WORDS) from
> each document that is indexed, to the "comments" form? Thanks in advance.
> Eric

Hmmm.... Can't you change the output template to include the $WORDS variable
as a form argument to the links produced by the search?
AFAIK, adding parameters to a request for an HTML file will not do anything
strange. You can then have PHP look for these words when they are passed
in. (The link to the "comments" form would have to be created by php code in
the FAQ entry itself...)

Does this make any sense at all? :-)

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