[htdig] AltaVista-like ranking?

Daniel Naber (dnaber@mini.gt.owl.de)
Wed, 3 Mar 1999 00:10:43 +0100 (MET)


I wonder if htdig can rank result like Altavista does: If you type some
words, they are OR'ed together by default - still you'll get those
documents first that include all of the words.

I know that htdig uses a weight for every document, which could change the
result order. I turned backlink_factor to 0, all the other *_factors
default to 0, but I still don't get that Altavista-like behaviour. The
query's first word seems to have a greater weight.

Am I doing something wrong or is htdig not yet capable of this? If the
latter, how difficult would it be to include such a feature? Where would
one have to start?

 Daniel Naber
PS: I'm not talking about the AltaVista +/- syntax, just the ranking.

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