Re: [htdig] Spaces in the URL

John Grohol PsyD (
Tue, 02 Mar 1999 08:38:02 -0500

Ideally, you should educate your users, because spaces
are not allowed in URLs (unless they're encoded). Look
around on the Web and you won't see them in any URL because
they are not valid. So it is not surprising that htdig
won't index them.


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At 11:26 AM 3/2/99 -0000, Stevan Lockhart wrote:

>My Intranet contains spaces in directory and file names, as users publish >straight to it. As it's currently configured, htDig doesn't appear to index >URLs with such spaces. Is there something I'm missing, or is htDig not able >to do this? Replacing the spaces with underscores seems to work, but I can >hardly expect users to do that. ------------------------------------ To unsubscribe from the htdig mailing list, send a message to containing the single word "unsubscribe" in the SUBJECT of the message.

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