[htdig] htsearch Troubles. Successfully installed , but ...

Walter Pleyer (pleyer@kraftwerk.co.at)
Tue, 02 Mar 1999 10:36:11 +0100

Hi folks!

We're trying to use ht://Dig for a website that runs on a Netscape
Enterprise Server 3
(3.5 in the near future) on a Solaris computer (Version 2.5 or 2.6).

We managed to install ht://Dig successfully to the point, that we can run
it from the
commandline and it produces correct output.
But if we try to run it from a webpage it fails. The server works for ages
and the returns
an error. Unfortunately i can't quote you the exact errormessages now, but
it usually says
something like the server didn't get a correct response, maybe the header
was wrong.
But the output, when run from the commanline, contains the ususal
"contenttype text/html"
and the usual html-header.
It looks like the communication between htsearch and the webserver does not
Do you have any idea what the problem could and how to solve it?

Thanks in advance
Walter Pleyer

Walter Pleyer
kraftWerk - Agentur fuer neue Kommunikation
Tel.: +43- 1- 409 36 30
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