[htdig] parsing Server Side Includes in results file?

Sun, 28 Feb 1999 11:13:31 -0600

I saw this message on the mailing list, is there any way currently of
having server-side includes processed during the results display?

Any help would be MOST appreciated!


In the mailing List, Geoff Hutchinson wrote this:

> Consider the case where the footer File has an include statement like:
> <!--#include file='includes/german_footer.html'-->

The problem is that the server never sees the header or footer files to
parse. With any CGI, the server expects to do its work and just send the
proper output.

So server features like picking a page based on language or XSSI currently
need to be picked up by the CGI. At the moment, this doesn't happen.

> I really think this would be a cool feature!

Sure! Currently it's already on the TODO list.
(I'd also love to see some way that we could get the server to do some
work too.)
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