Re: [htdig] acroread stalls

Gilles Detillieux (
Fri, 26 Feb 1999 12:04:38 -0600 (CST)

According to J. op den Brouw:
> can anyone tell me why the -toPostScript option is removed
> in My acroread now stalls.
> // Use acroread as a filter to convert to PostScript.
> // Now generalized to allow xpdf as a parser (works with most recent
> xpdf)
> // acroread << " -toPostScript " << pdfName << " " << tmpdir << "
> 2>&1";
> acroread << " " << pdfName << " " << psName << " 2>&1";

Gosh, Jesse, where've you been. We've been discussing PDF support in
htdig for what seems like a week now. The -toPostScript option is no
longer appended to the acroread command like, because some users wanted
to try PDF parsing with other PDF to PS converters, like the one in the
xpdf package. (That didn't work out so well after all, but that's a whole
other story.) So, now the options " -toPostScript -pairs" are appended
to acroread in the pdf_parser attribute string in If you
have pdf_parser defined in your htdig.conf, you'll need to append both
of those options to it. The -pairs option is required now, because the
last argument to the parser is now the PS file name, not a directory
name, which acroread expects when the -pairs option isn't given.

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