Re: [htdig] 3.1.1: Does noindex_start, noindex_stop work?

Gilles Detillieux (
Fri, 26 Feb 1999 11:26:25 -0600 (CST)

According to Frank Richter:
> > D'oh!! The code and the documentation disagree on what the default is!
> > In htdoc/attrs.html, it shows the defaults as <!--htdig-noindex--> and
> > <!--/htdig-noindex-->, but in htcommon/, they're actually
> > defined as <!--htdig_noindex--> and <!--/htdig_noindex-->. Note the
> > underscore (_) instead of the hyphen (-).
> Aah, see... thanks!
> Ok, changed my little test document to <!--htdig_noindex-->
> - this works.
> Then I had by mistake an empty noindex_start: value in the conf file, oh
> dear, no words were indexed at all (my error, but might be dangerous for
> others too).

Yes, you're right. The code should check for an empty string, and disable
the feature if that's the case. Right now, it just does a strncmp()
with a length of 0, which will always match. I think this should also
use mystrncasecmp() instead, and mystrcasestr() to find the end, so that
it won't care if the tags are upper or lower case. Objections?

> My next try was to exclude all between <STYLE...> and </STYLE>:
> noindex_start:<STYLE>
> noindex_stop:</STYLE>
> Hmm, a bit strange, it excludes the STYLE words, but also all words till
> the end of <!--/htdig_noindex-->...

Aw, man! This is another discrepancy between the documentation and the
source. The source expects noindex_end, but the docs say noindex_stop.
Someone was very tired when writing the documentation updates! :-P

> So I think there might be other bugs too... - Frank

More bugs? Naww! ;-) Keep us posted if you find more. Thanks.

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