[htdig] ANNOUNCE: contrib HtDig.pm & scripts

heddy Boubaker (boubaker@cenatoulouse.dgac.fr)
26 Feb 1999 16:43:54 +0100

 hi happy diggers,
 Till' 1.3.0 the contrib scripts (whatsnew ...) was not working anymore due to
 drastic changes into Ht://Dig databases formats, this was a pity because
 these scripts was very useful; So I wrote HtDig.pm a perl module that
 interface the htdig databases and more, except for some little features
 missing (*) you can now read back all the docdb, word.db ... databases, even
 compressed with Zlib !! This module have too a nice OO design ;-) and is easy
 to use, see the companion scripts to give you an idea of how easy it is to
 write scripts using htdig dbs.
 This module is a beta version, many things still need to be implemented in it
 (the famous missing features (*) ;-)) and BTW this is my FIRST Perl module so
 please be indulgent, thanks (any constructive criticism accepted).
 You can access them @
>> http://www.cenatoulouse.dgac.fr/~boubaker/WWW/HtDig.html <<
 (*) the missing features: hummm, in fact there is ONLY ONE missing feature
 for HtDig.pm to be really usable with all kind of configurations but ... this
 is A BIG ONE ;-( It doesn't still take into account the `common_url_parts'
 directive ... I know this could be very embarrassing caus' common_url_parts
 have a default value and if you don't EXPLICITLY set it to null in the
 config file it is activated, and furthermore changing it implies to rebuild
 completely the databases... Anyway I choose to release HtDig.pm now even with
 that pb because I hope somebody will help and contribute that missing feature
 - this is not difficult but it need few time to understand how it is done in
 the C++ code - I'll have *no time* to work on it at all next month, so if
 anybody is interested and ll'have time to do it it will be wonderful.


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