Re: [htdig] Meta description tags

Brett Baugh (
Tue, 23 Feb 1999 13:26:45 -0600

Gilles Detillieux wrote:

> Oooh! Search engine spamming! You were right earlier when you said
> something evil and nasty was happening on that site!

Heh. The things people do to brown-nose a client...


> This should make any additional titles be indexed just like regular text.
> I haven't tried it, though, so test carefully. Let me know how it goes.
> This may be worth including in the next release.

Works perfectly... so far... :) Nothing exploded violently, at least,
and the 2nd title tags are gone now. <whew> Thank god I can get that
site off swish-e now...

<blessing>Thank you, thank you...</blessing>

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