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Shane Y. Gibson (
Tue, 23 Feb 1999 10:59:57 -0800

Quoting Gilles Detillieux <>:

> Secondly, once a user adopts a given set of attributes in the
> configuration file, and customises it for his or her site, that set of
> attributes becomes essentially cast in stone. When upgrading to a more
> recent version of ht://Dig, most users will tend to keep their current
> configuration file as-is.

What about this... A Perl script (or some such) that compared
the users existing htdig.conf file, with a set of newly added
options, then asked the user if they would like to incorporate
any of or all of the new options into their existing config

Sort of like a config upgrader. This would be **really** slick.
It could be a simple question/answer type of thing, where the
script, something that goes like:

        It appears that you do not have the newly added
        'global_peace' option in your existing htdig.conf
        file (/web/htdig/conf/htdig.conf).

        This option allows you to enable global peace,
        throughout the entire planet. If you would like
        to incorporate this new option into your existing
        config file, select yes, otherwise, select no (and
        may which-ever higher power you worship have mercy
        on you!!).

        add 'global_peace' option (yes/no) [yes]:



Shane Y. Gibson
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