Re: [htdig] Meta description tags

Brett Baugh (
Tue, 23 Feb 1999 12:02:10 -0600

Gilles Detillieux wrote:
> Could you elaborate on this new site? Is it the same OS version as the
> old site? Same library versions? I'm assuming the same processor and
> OS on both, or else I wouldn't expect the binaries to work at all on the
> new site, but what processor and OS are you using? Are you sure the sites
> are supposed to be binary compatible? Can you try rebuilding the binaries
> on the problem site?

I use one single Linux box (dual P-II 233, 128 M ram, 2.0.35 kernel,
apache 1.2.6 with php2 and php3 modules) to serve about 20 different
sites (virtual sites). All the sites have everything in common;
binaries, libraries, OS, the works.

> Sorry to provide a whole lot more questions than answers, but without more
> details about the environment, we're really working blindly, and can't be
> of much help. Maybe these questions will lead you to the problem yourself.

That it did. One of our brilliant production people decided that it
would benefit this one particular client to have TWO title tags in
each document - a normal one and then one that just repeated the
contents of the meta description tag - so it would get more
preferential treatment in search engines. GAAAAH. It's a good thing
she doesn't work here anymore... heh. So I guess now the question
is... can you tell htdig to only grab the first title tag it sees? I
suppose taking out the second <title> is an option; I doubt anyone
would notice at this point... but that's a lot of typing.

I still can't believe how long I stared at those doc headers without
seeing that. I guess my brain just filters out certain things without
asking after, say, the fifth pot of coffee in a day. Thanks for
putting up with me...

-Brett Baugh
System Administrator, Saper Media Group
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