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Well, I didn't actually get the chance to try Gilles answer, to be honest,
if I had got that one first I may have given it a shot for simplicity's
sake, but I could see why your answer made sense anyway. I am glad this has
gone in the archive, I did a search and it seemed that anyone who had had a
similar problem in the past hadn't been answered.

My server is run by Exploit, they also make the Exploit Submission wizard
software to promote web sites, they're based further up the north of England
than me.

Again, thanks for the help, much appreciated.


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I'm glad to hear it! You know, Gilles could have been right about the
permissions and all that - but this just looked soooo familiar. At least my
workaround will on record now in th earchives for those that also run on a
virtual server.

Just out of curiosity: which ISP are you using?

At 20:09 1999-02-22 +0000, Matthew Cousins wrote:
>Hi Marjolein,
>Thanks for the advice, it worked perfectly, it'd be good if in future
>releases there was an option to specify a web server root and a full root.
>But at least it works!
>Thanks for the help


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