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Gilles Detillieux (
Mon, 22 Feb 1999 11:59:23 -0600 (CST)

According to Marjolein Katsma:
> I ran into the same problem when first installing ht://Dig. The root of the
> problem is that when you log in with Telnet, you see a different "root"
> than your webserver does. th eht://Dig programs will need to know this.
> Here is how I explained it to someone else who emailed me with the same
> problem:
[ snip (with BIG scissors! :) ]

Whoah! I don't think this describes the typical UNIX/Linux system,
running a server like Apache. Typically, CGI scripts do see the same root
directory as a login shell. The ServerRoot and DocumentRoot directives
don't cause Apache to do a chroot(). This is unlike anonymous ftp
servers, which do indeed present you with a different root directory,
for security reasons.

The problem is much more likely to be related to the settings of
permissions, as Andrew pointed out. This means not only that the
configuration file itself must have read permissions for the user ID under
which the HTTP server runs (User directive in Apache's httpd.conf), but
also, on a UNIX/Linux system, all the directories leading down to the file
must be searchable (x bit on) by this user. That usually means turning on
"world readable" permissions on the file (e.g. 644 mode, rw-r--r--), and
"world executable" permissions on all directories leading to the file
(e.g. 755 mode, rwxr-xr-x). On a lot of UNIX systems I've seen, the
user's home directory is set to mode 700 (rwx------) by default, to block
out all other users. That's the first place you should look, if the file
itself is world readable. Go with mode 755 or 711 (rwx--x--x) instead.
If that still doesn't do it, check the other directories in the path to
the file. They may all be mode 700, if for instance your default umask
is set to 077.

> At 11:51 1999-02-22 +0000, COUSINS_M wrote:
> >I am a new user to htdig. I have set the software up and ran the rundig
> >program to create the index (am currently using the test one that
> >searches the Htdig documentation), however whenever i run the html page I
> >get the following error:
> >
> >ht://Dig error
> >htsearch detected an error. Please report this to the webmaster of this
> >site. The error message is:
> >Unable to read configuration file
> >'/usr/home/dunewebd/usr/local/etc/httpd/htdig/conf/htdig.conf'
> >
> >However I have checked this directory and the file is there, I have the
> >following HTML line in my search page to specify the config file name:
> >
> >input type=hidden name=config value=htdig
> >
> >Also, if I telnet in to my account and switch to the CGI-bin for my
> >webserver I can run the htsearch directly from there, it asks for
> >keywords if I enter them then it outputs the contents of a HTML file into
> >the window.

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