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Alberto Olindo (
Fri, 19 Feb 1999 13:02:21 +0100

> > -raw excerpts
> > We are also using htdig to compile searchable dbs of glossary data.
> > If it was possible to have raw excerpts (we obviously have full
> > documents in excerpts right now) we could dump the files and have a
> > more compact and functional system.
> > There is no real need after a search to send the user to the HTML
> > page. But this now means loosing formatting and anchors.
> I'm not sure what you mean. Do you want ht://Dig to store the files in the
> database or to not store excerpts at all? If you don't want to send the
> user to the page, why don't use customize a template to remove the link to
> the URL?

My poor english doesn't help at times:)
For "raw_excerpts" I mean the original html excerpt not clean text.
What we are doing is basically what does but only for

The difference is thesaurus gives a list of pointers and all the content is
in the
final html page.
We are trying to do it the other way round.
Or excerpt_length is VERY BIG, say 10000 where our documents are small so we
are sure
ALL the document's content get's into the excerpt.
If the excerpt had the original html formatting as well we would have no use
of the
original html page.
(we already have a custom template without the link to the original URL)
Right now this content come out in plain text and can become quite confused
line feeds, bold,headings etc. etc.
Links would be very nice as well.

This gives some advantage: less clicks for the user, we don't have to
maintain sone
1600 html documents but only a couple of DB... etc. etc..

Alberto Olindo
Assibit S.r.l.
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