[htdig] compiling on AlphaLinux

Kevin Quinn (quinn@bitwrench.com)
Mon, 15 Feb 1999 18:32:44 -0500


I am having trouble compiling ht://Dig. I get segmentation faults when
executing htdig, htmerge, htsearch, and htnotify (mysteriously, htfuzzy
seems to work fine). I cannot even execute "htdig -v" without getting a
segmentation fault.

RedHat 5.1
alpha unknown linux
gcc version
libstdc++ version 2.9.0

The only compile errors I get are "cast to pointer from integer of different
size" warnings while working on "rx". I am aware that this is likely to do
with word length, but according to the mailing list it seems others have
compiled without problems.

Any help would be appreciated,

Kevin Lee Quinn
BitWrench Incorporated

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