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>Geoff Hutchison wrote:
>> It's not a bad idea, though the question relates to using icons on
>> with many, many pages. So if you're generating more than 10 of them on
>> every page, I could see it being a slowdown. Of course you can always use
>> GD or something else to make your icons as you wish and store them.
>> Personally, I prefer to remove the icons entirely and just use text
>> numerals to all the pages. It's much lower bandwidth and saves screen
>> space. :-)
>Looks like the text would be really preferrable. As for me, I solved
>this problem for my search site, (see http://www.search.tver.ru) but
>the only problem is this is very hard to make this feature
>easily-configurable-via-template. That's why I still didn't offer it
>as a patch for htDig :).
>> Cheers,
>> -Geoff Hutchison
>> Williams Students Online
>> http://wso.williams.edu/
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