[htdig] Beta Testers

Zaheed Haque (zaheed@yahoo.com)
Sun, 14 Feb 1999 06:24:14 -0800 (PST)


Back in November '98, we took "htdig" and made some significant
improvements. The product is still under serious beta/development
phase. We are calling it Sybrarian. In a nutshell the following
modifications has been done:

Summary of modifications and add-ons
The Sybrarian is a tightly integrated product providing Searching and
Directory capabilities. It offers users a highly customizable web
based browsing and searching facilities to the users. The User can
browse through the site by clicking on the various topics listed on
each page.

In addition, the product allows the Administrator to manage the site
over the web.

The product has been developed in Java using Servlets as Server-side
java. The backend search and spider engines is in HT//:Dig. This is a
GNU licensed product developed in C++.

In a nutshell
A. Complete Web Based Administration
B. Template for Search Results, Search Forms etc.
C. Java based on front end
D. Infoseek/Yahoo like Directory creation and browsing based on topics.
E. Users have personalization options like "My Directory" and URL
Reminder, BookMark List
F. Office and PDF file format support.
G. Oracle or Flatfile database support..

and more ..

Now we are looking for good beta testers, who would be interested to
test the product. In return the beta users can a get a free copy of
Sybrarian 1.0 :-)

We can not publish the URL for download at this point. So interested
users please send an email.

Hope you all can help us out here.

Best Regds

Zaheed Haque
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