Re: [htdig] Search results pages icons

Shane Y. Gibson (
Sat, 13 Feb 1999 15:26:53 -0800

Bob Nugent <> said:

> Are there any plans to increase the number of search results
> pages icons that ht://Dig produces at the bottom of the results
> pages?

Sorry Bob...but this is more of a what in general
to the HTDig list...

Why can't the buttons be generated dynamically, using something
like the GD libraries by Thomas Boutell? That would be a dandy
win for HTDig. Simply provide a template GIF image, that the
numbers is dynamically built on. This could be made general
enough that a few config file options would allow an administrator
to use any template GIF image they wanted.

GD libraries can be found at:

GD is under a free license.


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