[htdig] result error

Eric Luhrs (eluhrs@nbcs.rutgers.edu)
Fri, 12 Feb 1999 12:09:02 -0500 (EST)

Today I compiled htdig 3.1.0 and installed it. I got an error while
htdigging, so I backed out the installation, and put the previous version
back in place, and re-ran rundig just in case. I didn't get any errors.

Now, when I search for "ppp" it tells me there are 6 documents, but it
does not list any of them. When I search for "windows" it tells me there
are 21 matches but only lists 12 (which are not the right ones). Even
though it thinks that it has 21 matches, it displayes 3 page links at the
bottom of the page.

What the heck happened? This is on a semi-production server, and what I
thought would be a quick test/upgrade has backfired in a big way....
It seems that the DB is really scrambled. Any ideas?


Eric Luhrs, NBCS, Rutgers University, Hill Center.
MAIL: eluhrs@nbcs.rutgers.edu  VOICE: 732.445.2464

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