Re: [htdig] Re: Beware of 3.1.0 for Sun-sparc - patch included

Gilles Detillieux (
Thu, 11 Feb 1999 12:10:40 -0600 (CST)

According to heddy Boubaker:
> <> "Frank" == Frank Richter <> writes:
> Frank> - pdf_parser syntax changed?
> Frank> I had in the conf file:
> Frank> pdf_parser: /path/to/acroread
> Frank> With this setting acroread doesn't convert but starts in a window.
> Frank> Letting "pdf_parser" undefined, works well.
> Frank> This should be mentioned in the docs.
> This is not mentioned or badly, in the doc, htdig doesn't call by default
> acroread anymore but xpdf (in the way arguments are passed to it ) that means
> that is you want to use acroread instead you should use
> pdf_parser: /path/to/acroread -toPostscript -pairs
> untested!! but no reason it should not work !!!;-)

Not quite. acroread is still the default PDF parser, but the acroread-
specific arguments are now part of the pdf_parser attribute, rather than
being appended later, so that the pdf_parser can be set to xpdf with its
own unique arguments instead.

> Frank> - Warning: unknown locale!
> Frank> I get this with "locale: iso_8859_1" when starting htdig on Solaris 2.6
> Frank> Hmm, that makes me anxious...
> I'm not so anxious as everything seems now to be ok ;-) but I've the same pb.

I get this warning too, on my Red Hat 4.2 system. The actual handling of
locales hasn't changed, so it doesn't mean there's a new problem that wasn't
there before. It just didn't tell you before if setlocale() returned NULL.

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