Re: [htdig] New version stable?

Brett Baugh (
Thu, 11 Feb 1999 09:55:42 -0600 wrote:
> I would like to update to the new version of ht:/dig.
> Following the reports of problems, I'm a bit hessitant.
> Will there be a "final" version including all the patches?
> Did somebody already install it on Linux?

I'm using it now on Linux 2.0.35. It works, but there are problems.
It compiles without a complaint and everything seems to work fine
except for PDF parsing; I had to do some source hacking to get it
working again (htdig/ They've got it set up now so that if
you keep your same config files, you'll notice that acroread is trying
to connect to X to display every .PDF because the "-toPostScript"
command is now missing. It was easier to hack the code to put it back
to the way it was in 3.1.0b4, but that's just me. :) Also, I upped
the max_doc_size default to 32000000 from 100000 (htdig/
because we have a lot of big PDFs to parse and I didn't want to have
to put it in every config file, but again that's just me. Overall,
it's a fine program, powerful, massively configurable, and has earned
me the praise of my superiors for making it our standard search engine
on all the sites we host. (We were using swish-e before; one day I
just got sick of the immature thing and decided enough was enough and
I was going to replace it with something worthwhile or die trying.)

I also use it on a Linux 2.1.129 server and it works well there too,
in case that helps you.

-Brett Baugh
System Administrator, Saper Media Group
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