Re: [htdig] multiple start_urls

Antti Rauramo (
Thu, 11 Feb 1999 14:58:56 +0200

S.Pietsch wrote:

> I've got about 30 or 40 different unrelated documents I would like to index. I
> read that it is possible to put them in a file and then specify this file in
> "start_url". But how do I specify this file and what does the file must look like?
> I just can't get it work. :(
> My htdig version is 3.0.8. Any help is welcome.


I've a file in start_url for a service tree which looks like this:

<a href="/firstpart">1</a>
<a href="/secondpart">2</a>
<a href="/thirdpart">3</a>
<a href="/fourthpart">4</a>

Nothing much gets indexed on this page, but all the branches are digged.

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