Re: [htdig] Re: Beware of 3.1.0 for Sun-sparc - patch included

heddy Boubaker (
11 Feb 1999 11:53:01 +0100

 <> "Frank" == Frank Richter <> writes:

Frank> Thanks, Hans-Peter,
Frank> your patch solves the problem.

 Thanks from me too Hans-Peter that solves mine too
Frank> Just 2 remaining questions:
Frank> - pdf_parser syntax changed?
Frank> I had in the conf file:
Frank> pdf_parser: /path/to/acroread
Frank> With this setting acroread doesn't convert but starts in a window.
Frank> Letting "pdf_parser" undefined, works well.
Frank> This should be mentioned in the docs.

 This is not mentioned or badly, in the doc, htdig doesn't call by default
 acroread anymore but xpdf (in the way arguments are passed to it ) that means
 that is you want to use acroread instead you should use
 pdf_parser: /path/to/acroread -toPostscript -pairs
 untested!! but no reason it should not work !!!;-)
Frank> - Warning: unknown locale!
Frank> I get this with "locale: iso_8859_1" when starting htdig on Solaris 2.6
Frank> Hmm, that makes me anxious...

 I'm not so anxious as everything seems now to be ok ;-) but I've the same pb.


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