[htdig] 2 URL's, same file.

Mike Richichi (mrichich@drunivac.drew.edu)
Wed, 10 Feb 1999 12:08:21 -0500

Due to the rewriting rules we're using, we have URLs that are accesible
two ways; for instance, http://www.users.drew.edu/~mrichich and
http://www.users.drew.edu/mrichich are really the same thing.

I'd like it if only one of theese (preferably the ~ one) show up in the
index if both are linked to. What's the best way to configure htdig to
do this?


BTW, htdig 3.1.0 works fine on our Linux box (kernel 2.2.0.) I think
it's a bit faster too.
Mike Richichi, Assistant Director, Drew University Academic Technology
mailto:mrichich@drunivac.drew.edu, http://www.users.drew.edu/~mrichich
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