Re: [htdig] ANNOUNCE: ht://Dig version 3.1.0

Frank Richter (
Wed, 10 Feb 1999 11:48:33 +0100 (MET)

Thanks for the new version! I installed it (Solaris 2.6, gcc 2.8.1),
started htdig, but...

Program terminated with signal 10, Bus error.
#0 0x22b68 in DocumentRef::Deserialize (this=0x3149d8, stream=@0x314e5d)
475 getnum(x, s, docSize);
(gdb) bt
#0 0x22b68 in DocumentRef::Deserialize (this=0x3149d8, stream=@0x314e5d)
#1 0x20e58 in DocumentDB::operator[] (this=0x3149d8, u=0xeffff288 "")
#2 0x1b8cc in Retriever::got_href (this=0xeffff6d8, url=@0x321470,
    description=0x321568 "Universitätsbibliothek") at
#3 0x17598 in HTML::do_tag (this=0x2ee700, retriever=@0xeffff6d8,
    tag=@0x320a89) at
#4 0x16004 in HTML::parse (this=0x2ee700, retriever=@0xeffff6d8,
    baseURL=@0x95f) at
#5 0x1a6e0 in Retriever::RetrievedDocument (this=0xeffff6d8,
    ref=0x3efec8) at
#6 0x1a2ac in Retriever::parse_url (this=0xeffff6d8, urlRef=@0x3158b0)
#7 0x19cf0 in Retriever::Start (this=0xeffff6d8) at
#8 0x1e188 in main (ac=7, av=0xeffff8ec) at

The last output from htdig is:
*Tag: A
HREF="">, matched 2
A tag: pos = 2, position = ="">
word: Universit@927
word: tsbibliothek@930
Tag: /A>, matched 3
href: (Universitätsbibliothek)
resolving ''
 .... a long wait here ...
Bus error (core dumped)

BTW: htdig tells the defailt locale iso_8859_1 isn't supported:
Warning: unknown locale!
But I think this is installed at this system.


Work:  Computing Services,  Chemnitz University of Technology,  Germany

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