[htdig] ANNOUNCE: ht://Dig version 3.1.0

Geoff Hutchison (ghutchis@wso.williams.edu)
Tue, 9 Feb 1999 20:11:14 -0400

I'm very happy to announce the release of ht://Dig 3.1.0. This release is
the result of a lot of work by many people. It represents a considerable
effort to release a very stable version.

   Release notes for htdig-3.1.0 9 Feb 1999
   This version marks the "full release" of version 3.1.0. Naturally,
   this version adds a few new feature and fixes a large number of
   remaining bugs. This version is the latest stable release of ht://Dig
   and is recommended for all production servers for current bug-fixes
   and oft-requested features.

     NOTE: You must rebuild your databases from scratch after updating
     to this version. Several database-related bugs were fixed and will
     remain unless you rebuild from scratch. We're sorry for any

     * Fixed a variety of small memory leaks.
     * Fixed a bug that could duplicate documents in the document
     * Fixed a bug that would not remove documents marked as deleted.
     * Fixed a bug that could dump core with incorrectly defined
       template_map attributes.
     * Fixed a bug that could dump core or produce bogus dates when a
       server returns the date in an incorrect format.
     * Fixed a variety of string-matching bugs that caused problems with
       restricting indexing and searching.
     * Fixed a bug that could dump core if logging searches and CGI
       environment variables were not set.
     * Fixed a bug that would not hilight searches properly if they
       contained punctuation.
     * Fixed PDF parsing to support programs beyond acroread.
     * Fixed a bug that caused problems with large robots.txt files.
     * Fixed a bug in the sample rundig script from a non-portable test
       for the age of databases.
     * Fixed bugs in the fuzzy matching code that could prevent searches
       from completing if fuzzy databases were not present.
     * Fixed bugs in the soundex and metaphone algorithms that would only
       return the first word of several matching words. Note that to
       completely fix this bug, you must rebuild your soundex and
       metaphone databases.
     * Fixed up many compilation warnings and errors.
     * Fixed a performance slowdown in htsearch when backlink_factor
       and date_factor are zero and can be ignored.
     * Improved performance when a server ignores the If-Modified-Since
       request during update digs.
     * Added a warning message if the locale: option is set to a locale
       that is not present.
     * Some minor performance improvements.
     * Allow "include" keyword in config file to include other config
     * Uses latest (2.6.4) version of the Berkeley database.
     * Two databases may be merged together using htmerge.
     * The htdig program can be safely stopped and restarted in the
       middle of a dig. The dig will write the progress to the file
       specified by the new url_log option.
     * Added support for anchors in excerpts with the
       add_anchors_to_excerpt option and the ANCHOR template variable.
     * Added support for sorting results in increasing or decreasing
       order of document date, size, title and score using the search
       form. Note that changing sort from the default of score will
       result in a performance decrease.
     * Added config options sort and sort_names to change the
       default sort and names used in the SORT template variable.
     * Added the option compression_level to compress the document
       database if the zlib library is present.
     * Added the options noindex_start and noindex_stop to
       delimit sections of HTML documents to be ignored.
     * Added the option allow_in_form to allow specific config
       options to be set in the search form.
     * Added the option bad_querystr to ingore URLs containing
       specified CGI queries.
     * Added the option search_results_wrapper to replace separate
       header and footer files. For mor information, see the general
       htsearch documentation.
     * Added option no_title_text to allow configuration of the text
       used when no title is found.
     * Added option url_part_aliases to allow rewriting portions of
     * Added option common_url_parts to compression common portions
       of URLs. Requires rebuilding databases when changed.
     * Added option remove_default_doc to control whether ht://Dig
       strips off the default document in a folder. Set to empty will
       prevent problems with servers that treat / and /index.html as
       different URLs.
     * Of course there are many other bug-fixes and small enhancements.
       Many thanks to everyone who reported a bug or contributed code for
       this release!

-Geoff Hutchison
Williams Students Online

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