[htdig] Htdig contrib

heddy Boubaker (boubaker@cenatoulouse.dgac.fr)
05 Feb 1999 16:59:37 +0100

 Following problems I had with some contrib perl scripts regarding database
 parsing, I wrote a little experimental perl module that interface some Htdig
 stuff, I too rewrote 2 of the contrib scripts so that they use this new perl
 module. All of these are in beta (as htdig ;-) but I think that htdig could
 be more than a simple search engine and could be a real web-server management
 tool - even if that's not it's first goal -, I hope that thanks to these perl
 thinks we'll have some more helpful scripts to help manage our web servers
 ;-) (I'll be glad if they could be useful in the contribs)
 They are accessible to:
 Please tell me what you think of them
ps: I know the parsing function in HtDig::WordDB is a little buggy and really
would like to have little help of somebody knowing word_db internal format

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