[htdig] acroread and iso-latin-1?

Antti Rauramo (antti.rauramo@edita.fi)
Thu, 04 Feb 1999 15:51:01 +0200

Hi all!

I'm having bit of a trouble indexing pdf-documents with htdig. Seems
that acroread -toPostScript converts the iso-latin characters (ń÷ň─Í┼
etc) in a way htdig doesn't recognize. I can make a perl wrapper that'd
convert the characters acroread makes to the normal format, but htdig
doesn't seem to recognize find them anyway. With html documents
everything works out fine.

Now what?

- Antti Rauramo, WWW- ja tietokanta-asiantuntija, Edita Verkkoviestintń
- antti.rauramo@edita.fi, +358-9-8501 4004 (mobile)

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