[htdig] Capacities/Cababilities of htdig

Aviram Carmi (aviram@otn.com)
Wed, 3 Feb 1999 10:29:15 -0800

Hi all,

First posting to the list, so please excuse any mistakes.

I would like to know what are the limitations/capacity of htdig.

I know that most of these would depend on the hardware platform and
bandwidth, so could you kindly let me know what hardware platform and what
bandwidth do you have.

- How many sites/pages can it index in a reasonable amount of time?
- How many user queries can it handle?
- What is the largest number of sites/pages that you index using htdig?

We are looking for something similar to AltaVista/WebCrawler/InfoSeek etc.

We would like to create a site that will index and enable users to search
several hundred other sites as a service to a specific interest

Looking for htdig to support hundreds of users per day and would like to
keep the responce time to minimum.

Thanks in advance,

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