[htdig] htdig: spanish databases

Jorge Garcia (jorgar@laguna.dvnet.es)
Wed, 03 Feb 1999 11:02:37 +0100


 I'm trying to create the spanish databases for the endings
algorithm. I have the spanish.aff and spanish.words (dictionary)
files, and my htdig.conf file have the lines:
 When I run htfuzzy appears this lines:
   htfuzzy: Selected algorithm: endings
   htfuzzy/endings: Reading rules
   htfuzzy/endings: Creating databases
   htfuzzy: Done.
กก but htfuzzy don't create any database file !!

 When I run htfuzzy (with other configuration file) to obtain the
english databases appears other line that show the number of words:
   htfuzzy: Selected algorithm: endings
   htfuzzy/endings: Reading rules
   htfuzzy/endings: Creating databases
>>>htfuzzy/endings: words:87500<<< (this number grows from 0 to 87500)
   htfuzzy: Done.
 In this case the databases are correctly created in the ${common_dir},
but using the configuration file for spanish databases don't appears
that line and databases aren't created.

 (The format of spanish.aff and spanish.words are the ones used by
ispell program).

 Could anybody help me?

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