Re: [htdig] bug in template_map ?

Benjamin Smedberg (
Mon, 01 Feb 1999 09:18:53 -0500 (EST)

> I tried to use the "template_map" in htsearch but htsearch will always crash.
> If I use the following:
> template_map: ext-name builtin-long filename
> htsearch won't crash. If I change this to:
> template_map: ext-name builtin-longx filename
> (note the x on bulitin-long) it will crash. If I understand the documentation
> the first item is the external name (displayed in the form), the second one
> is the internal name and the last item is the template filename. I tried some
> different parameter sorting but nothing work, I can't specify an external
> template file (I even copied template.html from the htsearch to make sure my
> template file is ok).

Note that the following lines may be wrapped incorrectly, but they are
from my working site:

template_map: Short CUAShort /usr/local2/htdig-3.1.0b4-3/common/SearchShort.html\
                        Long CUALong /usr/local2/htdig-3.1.0b4-3/common/SearchTem.html
template_name: CUALong

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