[htdig] bug in template_map ?

Claas Hilbrecht (Claas.Hilbrecht@linum.com)
Mon, 1 Feb 1999 13:25:17 +0100

I tried to use the "template_map" in htsearch but htsearch will always crash.
If I use the following:

template_map: ext-name builtin-long filename

htsearch won't crash. If I change this to:

template_map: ext-name builtin-longx filename

(note the x on bulitin-long) it will crash. If I understand the documentation
the first item is the external name (displayed in the form), the second one
is the internal name and the last item is the template filename. I tried some
different parameter sorting but nothing work, I can't specify an external
template file (I even copied template.html from the htsearch to make sure my
template file is ok).

Can someone send me an working example of an external template file ?

Mit freundlichem Gruss
Claas Hilbrecht

Linum Software GmbH
Tel: 05561-971070
Fax: 05561-971071
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