[htdig] Parsing Ms Word

U.O. Telematica Municipale - Comune di Prato (tlm@po-net.prato.it)
Fri, 29 Jan 1999 12:32:42 +0100

Hi people !!! I tried to use the external parse htparsedoc from the contrib
dir: I compiled the catdoc.c and all went OK. But when I try to run htdig,
a core dumps. Is there another external parser available for MS Word
documents? If not, can you tell me how to configure it?

This is what I've done with my htdig configuration.

I added this line to htdig.conf:

external_parsers: application/msword /usr1/htdig/bin/htparsedoc

When htdig founds a document with that MIME type, it launches htparsedoc.
But at the end of the indexing process I found a core in the directory bin.

Ah, I run htdig on a Linux slakware 2.0.35 (Pentium Celeron 266 Mhx 64MB Ram).

Thanks a lot


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