[htdig] How to get a list of URLs together with the Title

Rolf Diederichs (rd@ndt.net)
Wed, 27 Jan 1999 12:09:15 +0100

We use HTDIG for remote pages of a WWW Library.
HTDIG indexed about 3000 remote pages.

We want to build categories of these pages, perhaps we'll use a SQL database.
As the first step we need all URLs together with each Title?
How is that possible without visiting all pages manually?
Any htdig Log file that can be used or generated?

Also it would be excellent if we could get the first sentences of each page.

Actually the htdig search result (long-format) could be useful for export, unfortunately
it is necessary to enter a search term. Is there any query to allow a list of all pages?

Thanks in advance.

Rolf Diederichs

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