[htdig] Admin Queries

Peter Polkinghorne (Peter.Polkinghorne@brunel.ac.uk)
Tue, 26 Jan 1999 16:14:37 +0100

Having just installed htdig-3.1.0b4 on our web server - running Apache on
Solaris 2.5.1 - I have a number of questions - i have checked the
documentation and FAQ - apologies if I missed anything:

A: Is there any way of doing incremental updates? This is not a big issue as
the full scan only takes an hour at the most and use of the -a flag makes the
index available most of the time.

B: How do people handle restricted areas? We have a number of web areas that
are restricted by .htaccess files to people from our IP addresses. These
areas htdig can access since it is running with our addresses. This means
outsiders can both find out files and excerpts that they would otherwise not

Do others not worry?
Build a separate index (from in our case an external IP) and protect the
internal index?

C: Do people use the useful list of dangling refs htdig produces? If so how?
Ours is a depressing 3000 or so in number!

D: Are people confident in htsearch as a CGI program in terms of security? My
C++ is a bit rusty, but looks as though the variables accepted are secured and
there should be no buffer overflows.


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