[htdig] Indexing userdirs

Ivo Jansch (janschi@ce.philips.nl)
Tue, 26 Jan 1999 10:21:44 +0100


I can't seem to get htdig to index my user homepages.

Yes, I have read the faq, and looked in the logs what page it tried to
access. In the Apache logs all I see is:

myipaddress - - [25/Jan/1999:04:00:02 +0100] "GET /~janschi HTTP/1.0"
301 201

Running htdig in verbose mode, I see (among others) these lines:

8:8:2:http://myserver/development.htm: ++- size = 2096
9:9:3:http://myserver/~janschi: redirect

What should I do?

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