Re: htdig: htdig URL duplication

Knut A. Syed (
25 Jan 1999 12:49:29 +0100 (Danny Birchall) writes:

> For historical reasons we have in our server configuaration a number of
> server aliases which serve to cut out part of the URL to make it
> shorter: eg becomes
> This causes a problem when running htdig, because inevitably somewhere
> within our document tree, pages will be referenced both as /Units/foo/
> and as /foo/. Result: ht://Dig indexes the same pages twice, with
> different URLs, and when a htsearch is run, each pages is returned
> twice, once with each URL.

Configure your Web-server to make a
redirect to instead of an alias.

Documentation for Apache redirect:
(HEAD at told me you were running Apache.)

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